Useful Apps For Planning a Photo Shoot

Updated: 30 Nov 2021

Prior to any photo shoot, whether in the UK or overseas, I always thoroughly research my intended location by using a number of useful phone apps.


This research is essential for capturing the best possible image, at the best time of day and more importantly – safety purposes.

These apps will cover all eventualities including maps, weather, tides, wind, daylight hours, terrain and hikes.

Time permitting, it is also worth speaking with local photographers and checking social media platforms for further information about the location.

Some of these apps are free to download, whilst others may charge a small fee.

However, by using these apps they will provide you with a sound footing before your shoot begins.


Here is a list of my selected apps:


PhotoPills – Highly recommended for all photographers

Google Maps – Highly recommended

Ventusky – Global Weather conditions

Met Office – UK weather conditions

Magic Hour – Best time of day for sunrises and sunsets

Magic Seaweed (MSW) – Live coastal surf and tides reports

Snapseed – Photo editing app

DJI Fly   – Best Drone app


If you can suggest anymore brilliant apps, please let me know. Thanks.

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