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Mark Brion is an award-winning natural world photographer, photography instructor and workshop leader.


Additionally, he is also a videographer, a qualified drone pilot and a passionate wildlife conservationist.


Based in Oxfordshire UK, Mark has been a serious photographer for over twenty years and he turned professional in 2013.


Mark Brion Natural World Photographer

Mark Brion – Photographer


Having turned professional in 2013, Mark started working as an events, portraiture and real estate photographer. However, later that year he decided to start his natural world photography career.


An enthusiastic lover of the great outdoors; photographing wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and other natural world images have always been Mark’s favoured genre of photography.


With over ten years’ experience working within the photography industry; teaching the “art of photography” has been a great passion of Mark’s for the past five years.


In 2018, he started researching, organising and leading small groups of enthusiasts on independently arranged photography workshops to some amazing destinations both in the UK and internationally. A popular photography instructor, he has successfully led over twenty workshops and expeditions since then.


His small group workshops have been designed to highlight the perfect combination of natural world photography. He provides exceptional photography opportunities for photographing wildlife in their natural habitat, in addition to inspirational landscape and seascape photography.


“Photographing wildlife in their natural habitat is important to me. I am also inspired by remote locations such as coasts, mountains, lakes, forests and even the odd volcano; where untamed land is sculpted by natural elements. In effect, the great outdoors is my office space!” – Mark Brion


During his photography tutorials, Mark also enjoys teaching post production techniques to enthusiasts’, enabling them to considerably improve the overall appearance of their final images.


Throughout his adult working life, Mark has been particularly adept at public speaking and regularly presents photography talks and tuition to enthusiasts, students and camera clubs around the UK.


During his photographic career, Mark is proud to have achieved several awards for his work, particularly in the field of the natural world. This includes the “Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2021” award.



Mark Brion – Photographer


“I have a very strong affinity with wildlife conservation and animal welfare issues and great affection for all of nature’s living creatures. I am determined to promote and raise awareness of issues that threaten our wildlife and the planet, through my photography, videography and visual storytelling” – Mark Brion


Although he is primarily a photography expert, Mark aims to address and highlight global conservation issues that affect both wildlife, their habitats and animal welfare issues. He focuses on creating photographic stories that increases understanding and awareness of these issues and hopefully inspires change. His articles are mainly structured through his photography, videography and visual storytelling.


Whilst being naturally curious, Mark has over the years become a self-taught naturalist. During his workshops and expeditions, he comes in contact with many different species of wildlife. Consequently, he has amassed a large amount of information and facts about these different species which he then passes onto the photography enthusiasts attending his workshops.


The list is comprehensive and includes whales, seals, penguins, polar bears, birds and many more. Although he would never class himself as an “expert”, he has extensive knowledge about a great many species of wildlife and cetaceans.


In addition to his photography projects, Mark has always held a passion for researching and writing articles for publication. To date, he has written over one hundred published articles for social media, charities, brands, magazines, websites and other publication outlets.


Having completed several National Geographic courses over recent years, he is aware of the importance of bringing articles to life through visually strong storytelling. As such, he will always try and use personal and emotive stories, providing further additional interest to the content of his articles.


“I am a firm believer that strong photographic storytelling sends a very powerful message to the reader. Most readers want to feel part of the story and be able to fully relate to writers message and excellent article writing will achieve this goal” – Mark Brion.



“When not working, I love to travel both in the UK and internationally and experience new destinations and cultures. Of course, I will always have my camera close to hand!”


Mark’s passion and love for photography, the natural world and travelling has seen him explore six continents and over 80 countries.


“Many of the destinations I have visited have been very beautiful in their own rights, but near to the top of list of my favourites has to be Norway and Iceland”.


In addition to his “ground” photography, Mark is also an experienced and qualified Drone pilot and enjoys capturing spectacular aerial photographs and film in stunning locations.


Through his photography work, Mark partners with these excellent brands:

Gitzo Tripods  |  Lowepro Backpacks  |  Videndum Media Solutions (Italy)  |  Patagonia Pro Program (Europe)

|  Vallerret Photography Gloves (Norway)




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