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Mark Brion is an award-winning wildlife and nature photographer, photography expedition and workshop leader, and wildlife conservationist. In addition, he is also a filmmaker, storyteller and speaker.


Based in Oxfordshire, he has been a serious photographer for the past twenty-two years and turned professional in 2013.


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A popular expedition and workshop leader, Mark has nine years’ experience working within the photography industry as an instructor and leads photography expeditions and workshops throughout the UK and internationally.


 A passionate enthusiast of the great outdoors; photographing wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and natural world images are Mark’s favoured genres.


“I am inspired by remote locations such as coasts, mountains, lakes and forests; where untamed land is sculpted by natural elements. In effect, the great outdoors is my office space!”


Mark offers a range of expeditions and workshops which have been designed to highlight the perfect combination of outstanding wildlife viewing, exceptional photography opportunities and expert tuition.


“I have a very strong affinity with global wildlife conservation having always held a great affection for all animals. As a passionate wildlife conservationist, I am determined to promote and raise awareness of all issues that threaten our wildlife through my photography, videography and storytelling”.


 “My personal goal is to help change the way the world works; ending animal cruelty and suffering which puts animals first and gives them a voice”.


During his photographic career, Mark is proud to have achieved several awards for his work, particularly in the field of the natural world. This includes the “Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2021” award.


Throughout his working life, Mark has been particularly adept at public speaking and he regularly presents talks and tuition to photo enthusiasts and camera clubs around the UK.



“When not working, I love to travel both in the UK and internationally and experience new destinations and cultures. Of course, I will always have my camera close to hand!”


Mark’s love of travelling and photography has seen him explore six continents and over 80 countries.


“Many of the destinations I have visited have been very beautiful in their own rights, but near to the top of list of my favourites has to be Norway and  Iceland.“.


In addition to his “ground” photography, Mark also flies Drones and enjoys capturing spectacular aerial photographs and videos in stunning locations. He has produced several videos which can be viewed on his YouTube Channel.


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