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Award-winning aerial image taken with DJI Inspire 1




Mark operates his own fully insured drone business providing the following services:-


Drone Piloting & Camera Skills  •  Drone Pilot Hire  •  Aerial Photography  •  Aerial Filming  •  Aerial Cinematography  •  VLOS (Visual Line of Sight)  •  BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)  •  Live Broadcasting  • Photography & Video Editing  •  Weddings  •  Events  •   Advertising / Promotion  •  Real Estate Marketing •  Building / Roof Inspections  •  Construction Site Filming  •  Night filming and photography  •  TV / Filming  •   Time-lapse videos


He provides unmanned aerial photography and filming services for clients in need of elevated pictures in their production, both in the UK or internationally. This side of his business is growing fast and he has become a leading specialist in aerial photography and videography.


Flying a drone is an exhilarating experience!


Having purchased his first drone – a DJI Inspire 1 in 2017, Mark has been flying regularly ever since and has amassed many hours of experience and flight time. Three years ago, Mark purchased a DJI Mavic Air 2s which is currently used as his “workhorse” drone.


With over seven years of drone flying experience, in early 2023 Mark became a fully qualified GVC Drone Pilot | Operator.


With extensive experience as a Drone Pilot | Operator coupled with strong leadership, teamwork, communication and decision-making skills, Mark has a passion for innovation and delivering high-quality visual media projects.


The thrill of flying in epic locations completely immersed in the pilot’s view is hard to beat


He is a specialist due to his thorough flight research, planning and preparation, safety, coupled with his honed drone flying and camera skills.




​The use of commercial drone flying is growing fast and the requirement for these services is increasing in many different industries:


Here is a list of sectors currently using drone services:-


Construction​ • Real Estate • Business/Marketing • Media & Cinematography • Agriculture • ​Inspection​s • Engineering • Manufacturing & Repair • Public Safety & Investigations • Insurance •​ Delivery


Eilean Donan Castle, Kyle of Lochalsh, Western Highlands of Scotland




In addition to his “ground” photography, Mark is able to offer high-quality aerial photographic images using his expertise in drone flying and expert camera skills to safely get a different visual perspective to any given subject.


He conducts thorough preparation and research, in addition to constantly risk assessing for safety before, during and after each flight.




Mark also produces high-quality aerial videos safely using his expertise in drone flying and expert camera skills to add a different visual perspective through their filming.


He conducts thorough preparation and research, in addition to constantly risk assessing for safety before, during and after each flight.





Qualified ✓


Approved by the CAA to carry out commercial drone operations (GVC) IN 2023 CAA Operational Authorisation, complying with the EASA regulations.


Safety ✓


Above everything else, safety is always our number one priority. The use of drones can remove or minimise the need to work from height leading to an overall safer environment and reduce accidents.


Insured ✓


We are legally required to hold insurance to cover damage and losses. This includes Public Liability Insurance which covers for £1million, therefore you can confident that you are all covered when you hire our drone pilots. Please be aware that operational drone operators must have insurance that complies with EU785/2004. Unfortunately there are operators that do not hold this, so please be careful when appointing your drone operator.


Legally Compliant ✓


You can rest assured that when you hire Mark that you are hiring a legally compliant operator. We are governed by the CAA and must comply with our CAA approved operations manual at all times.

As a qualified and insured drone operator we can ensure that your images and drone video content can be obtained safely and legally from any location.


“Old Man Of Storr” – Isle Of Skye, Scotland




Pre Site Assessment

At the early stages we will gather as much information as possible about the drone photography project, location, subjects and key dates and timings.  An initial assessment of the subject site will be conducted remotely so that an accurate quotation can be provided.  Any potential issues such as airport flight restriction zones (FRZ) will be highlighted and suggestions discussed with our client.


Flight Planning

Dates and times will be agreed and the planning process will begin. A comprehensive risk assessment is produced and updated once our operator is on site. Consideration of the weather, terrain, airspace, proximity of building, people and vehicles is given and relevant control measures implemented before any flight takes place.  All of our flights are planned using risk management software.


Take Flight

All checks are now in place and the flight will commence. Our remote drone pilot with capture high quality images and video footage whilst continuously monitoring the skies to ensure safety.  A live feed of the footage is available to view by our clients, thus giving the opportunity for our client to direct the remote pilot to capture the footage exactly as it is required.  During flight we also have the capability to transmit direct through HDMI from the controller to provide live streaming solutions.


Media Delivery

We take pride in our quick delivery service to ensure that urgent media can be worked on promptly. Images and video footage will be edited as agreed with our clients and delivered digitally via our data transfer system. We can use WeTransfer or our own dedicated transfer system to transfer your files. We also hold backup copies of all data to give.





Having the right drones for the right job is important. Mark currently has a fleet of four working drones. One of these is a DJI Mavic Air 2s – a lightweight and portable drone carried within a small shoulder bag.


Importantly it performs at the highest level, producing high-quality photo and video imagery.






In conjunction with my “ground” photography, I have visited many locations and worked in areas of outstanding natural beauty” – says Mark.


Using my drones in both the UK and internationally, I have photographed and filmed at dramatic and often challenging locations including the Isle of Skye, the Western Highlands of Scotland, the Lake District, Snowdonia, the island of Madeira…and many other beautiful locations“.


Mark is always very approachable and keen to work with people on new or existing drone projects.


Please e-mail to discuss any future aerial projects.



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