April 2020 Update

Updated: 23 Apr 2020

Hi there,

Sadly we are all still stuck in the middle of the Pandemic lockdown, which for any photographer is very frustrating. This has been one of the nicest early spring times that I can remember and would usually mean being out and about every day with the camera in hand.

Whilst in lockdown, I have used the time to focus in on areas to improve my own particular knowledge both with camera in hand and also catching up with some great online videos.

Another area, I have researched at length is post production techniques in Photoshop. Just prior to the national lockdown, I spent a few days in the Lake District and took over 600 images.

This provided me with lots of material to edit in post-production and practice some new techniques.  Some results have been amazing, and others … well, back to the drawing board!  I will be posting some of these images on the website in the near future.

My new website is coming along nicely thanks to the talented and knowledgeable Charlotte Brown at CEB Creative. I have seen an early draught copy and she is doing an amazing job. I just cannot wait for the launch.  

When not researching and learning photographic techniques, I have been working hard on drawing up itineraries for new tours and workshops which will be launched after the lockdown. There will be a couple of UK Tours followed by several international tours dependent on circumstances. UK wise the Isle of Skye and other Scottish Islands are top of the list.

Further afield, I am currently arranging tours to Morocco, Kerala (India) and Zanzibar.

We are currently in the process of making some video workshops – More details to follow soon.

That’s it for now. Take care and stay safe.


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