Endangered – The beautiful Snow Leopard


“We need to illuminate and protect the wonder of the world” – National Geographic Society

As a Natural World Photographer, I have always felt a very strong affinity with global wildlife conservation. Much of my work takes me to beautiful scenic locations both in the UK and internationally.

Whilst working, I always feel close to my surroundings and the wonderment of nature itself. It could be a vista, wildlife, plants, trees – the natural world is glorious in all its forms.

However, much of our natural world is under threat … no considerable threat.

There needs to be protection of the natural world for humanity’s sake and not just for our generation but also for generations to come.

Where possible I will always adhere to the principles of Eco-Tourism.

Biodiversity, climate change, illegal wildlife trade, landscape and habitats, pollution, species on the brink of extinction, people and the environment. This is just a cross section of challenges that endangers our natural world.

As a member of several conservation organisations including the National Geographic, WWF and Fauna & Flora International, I want to promote and raise awareness of wildlife conservation and other issues that threaten our planet, through my photography.

“Once gone, we may never get them back” – Mark Brion


What would this world be without Elephants, Pangolins, Rhinos, Gorillas and many more wildlife species that are under threat and which may become extinct over the next few years.





I have recently written an article – “Eco Tourism – The Way Forward?” which details how tourism may change in the future and help to protect the environment, people and wildlife of popular tourist destinations across the globe.


As such, in addition to my work as a photographer, I will also be posting important messages in a bid to raise awareness of the important work and projects carried out to assist Wildlife conservation worldwide. I have added this new page to the website to promote such issues.

If you have a spare few minutes, please view the incredible work being carried out around the globe.

Many thanks for your time,




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