Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions I get asked relating to my work.


How long have you been a photographer for?

I have been a photographer for the past twenty years and natural world photographer for the past nine years.


How long have you been a photography instructor for?

I started leading photography workshops in 2018, firstly in the UK and then internationally.


You are described as a natural world photographer. What does this mean?

When I arrange and organise my photography workshops, I consider all aspects of the natural world in all it’s glory.

I provide expert tuition on landscape and seascape photography, as well as identifying certain species of wildlife to photograph in their natural habitat.

All aspects of nature are considered and this way we capture the natural world in all it’s magnificence at our chosen location.


What equipment do you use?

I use a Nikon D850 DSLR camera and equipment including Nikon lenses.


What type of photography do you do?

We specialise in Photography Workshops, mainly landscape, seascape, wildlife and natural world photography.


What areas do your workshops cover?

We are based in the UK but we travel to Europe and further afield globally to capture the natural world in all its glory.


Can I use my mobile phone instead of a DSLR or Mirrorless camera on photo workshops?

Yes, if the mobile phone is your camera of choice. With the advancement of phone technology, these can produce great imagery although there may be restrictions in certain areas of tuition.


Do you teach photography and filming by Drone on your courses?

No, but you can bring a Drone with you on our days in the field. We are currently arranging courses specifically designed for Drone instruction with further details being posted on this website.


Are your workshops Eco friendly?

Where possible I will always adhere to the principles of Eco-Tourism.


What is the difference between a photography workshop and an expedition?

Photography workshops and expeditions are a wonderful way to interact with other photographers, learn new skills and forge new friendships.

A workshop is first and foremost a teaching environment. A great workshop will provide one-on-one and group instruction with guidance from top photographers. They will provide strong, approachable instruction, image critiques, evaluation and feedback directly from the instructor.

Expeditions however will place more emphasis on the travelling experience, seeing new places and having more of a relaxed special interest holiday feel. There will be photography built into the expedition and the itinerary will usually be developed around the best times to visit particular locations to produce the best photographic images possible.


Who are your workshops aimed at?

We love teaching the art of photography and our workshops provide the enthusiast at any level with expert tuition, tips and techniques to improve the quality of your photography.


Are your workshops covered by Covid19 safety restrictions?

Yes, we fully risk assess all workshops which are monitored on a daily basis and covered by all expert restrictions such as face masks, social distancing and travel restrictions. You are in safe hands!


What are your group sizes?

Depending on administration requirements as well as providing the best possible tuition for each student, we normally book for 4-6 people on each workshop.


What can I expect from my photography workshop?

You can expect first class customer service. Comfortable accommodation, transportation to various locations, good food, great scenic locations and expert personal and group photography tuition from an experienced workshop leader. Most importantly you will learn, explore new and beautiful locations and have an enjoyable experience with your instructor and fellow students.


Do I have to be a certain level of fitness?

We will use transportation to get you to locations, however there may be some walking to actual get the best areas for photography. We try to minimise walking to about 3-5kms each day.


What equipment do I require for a Workshop?

The minimum equipment you will require will be a DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual mode, a tripod, lenses and a set of ND filters. A full list of equipment requirements will be forwarded prior to the workshop taking place.


How far in advance do I have to book a workshop?

The recommended time to book a photography workshop is immediately the advertisement is placed on the website. We only have a limited number of spaces available (4-6 persons) and these are filled very quickly.


What file format are the images in?

All images are taken in the RAW  and formatted into Jpeg after post production.


What happens if I need to cancel, postpone or reschedule my workshop?

We will always try and accommodate rescheduling as much as possible, after all we are aware that sometimes things happen, such as the weather that leaves us with no choice. Please see our terms of business regarding shoot cancellations.


Are you CRB checked?

Yes, we are CRB checked and most recently certificated in January 2022.


Are you a trained First Aider?

Yes, I successfully completed a two-day course in Outdoor Emergency First Aid with additional training appropriate to the Mountain and outdoor environment. Certified with BASP – British Association of Ski Patrollers.


Are you covered by Insurances?

Yes, we are fully covered by travel Insurances for all our guests.


How do I make an enquiry?

Please send a message on the Contact page.


If you have any other questions please contact me directly.

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