How to take sharper images

Updated: 17 Aug 2019

One of the most common questions I get asked through my work as a Photographer is – “Why are my images not sharp? I thought all my camera settings were correct”.

Here are seven simple checks to improve your photography by taking sharper images:-

  1. Improper Focus – Adjust your focal point through the viewfinder
  2. Not using the sharpening tool during post production
  3. Camera Blur – Reduce camera shake by using a faster shutter speed
  4. Motion Blur – Reduce your subject shake by using a faster shutter speed
  5. Using a poor quality lens
  6. Too shallow DOF (Depth of field) – Increase DOF for better quality
  7. Diopter set wrongly – Take the time to adjust to your eyesight – Will not improve your image but will decrease the chance of a wrongly focused image   

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