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Updated: 12 Feb 2023

As a photography tour and workshop leader, I come into contact with many photographers during the course of my work. These enthusiasts come from a wide range of backgrounds, whilst their knowledge and skill levels varies enormously from person to person.




There are four main photography subjects that I cover during my tuition sessions – Subject, Light, Composition and Timing. With these elements all being correct, expect to produce some great landscape images.


It is my belief that an individual within a group of like-minded camera enthusiasts will learn a great deal not just from the instructor but also from other students in the group. This is something I encourage within all my groups.


I do not like to get over technical but always endeavour to explain in a simplified and easy-to-remember manner.


In addition to field photography, one popular subject I always cover in my sessions is post-production tips and techniques in Adobe Creative Cloud including Camera Raw, Photoshop and Lightroom.


Normally at the end of a busy day in the field, the students and I will spend a good couple of hours (normally with a drink in hand) reviewing their unedited images in open critique sessions and then move on to improving the image in post-production. I really enjoy this part of my work, as I see the enthusiasm and passion exude from all the students wanting to learn tips and techniques.


It is always my aim to provide the best possible tuition I can offer to both individuals and all members of a group. I am passionate about my work and teaching the “art of photography”.


Further tour and workshop announcements coming very soon.


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