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Updated: 5 Dec 2020

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As a professional photography tour and workshop leader, I come into contact with many photographers during the course of my work. These enthusiasts come from a wide range of backgrounds and their knowledge and skill levels vary from person to person. Many people who attend the courses and tours are from outside of the UK.


On my tours and workshops, I have taught absolute novices who may have just acquired a new or used camera and want to know the very basics.

At the other end of the scale are those photographers who can produce very good or even excellent  images but just require a few tips and techniques in certain areas of their improve their skill levels.

There are several photography subjects that I like to cover during my tuition sessions. Focusing, shooting in manual, long exposure are just some examples.  However, one of the most common questions I get asked on tours and workshops is in regards to composition of an image. This is a subject I will be covering in more detail during a future video tutorial.

It is my belief that an individual within a group of like-minded camera enthusiasts will learn a great deal not just from the instructor but also from other students in the group. This is something I encourage within all my groups. I do not like to get over technical but always endeavour to explain in a simplified and easy-to-remember manner.

One very popular subject I always cover in my sessions is post-production tips and techniques in Camera Raw, Photoshop and Lightroom. I do not like to use the word “expert” but I am very highly versed with these post production platforms.

Normally at the end of a busy day in the field, the students and I will spend a good couple of hours (normally with a drink in hand) reviewing their unedited images in open critique sessions and then move on to improving the image in post-production. I enjoy this part of my work, as I can see the enthusiasm and passion exude from all the students all wanting to learn.

It is always my aim to provide the best tuition possible to both individuals and all members of a group. I am passionate about my work and teaching the Art of Photography. “Touch Wood” up to now, I have never yet received a bad testimonial from anybody attending my tours or workshops. Long may this continue?

Mark Brion is a UK based Natural World Photographer, Tour and Workshop leader



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