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Updated: 22 Oct 2021


“One of my passions in life aside from my photography work is researching, planning and travelling to stunning locations with my drone. As such, I have added this new page to my website –  Aerial Imagery”.

I spend a lot of time visiting new destinations in preparation for my photography expeditions and workshops. This affords me the time to research photograph locations and use the drone to take aerial imagery.

A lot of my travels takes me to remote destinations and contains a fair bit of walking as part of my research. Previously, I would take my older drone – a DJI Inspire 1 with me, but it was so large and cumbersome it became impractical to carry for long distances.

As a result, I have recently purchased a new drone, the fantastic – DJI Air 2s (Read more…), which is a lot smaller but has a powerful camera attached. I can now fit all this new equipment into a small shoulder bag which helps when visiting new locations for research purposes.

I find new drone technology fascinating. It has come far in a very short space of time. When in flight, a drone provides the opportunity to photograph and film in different perspectives that are not available to the standard “ground” photography.

Many of you would have seen the famous landmark – the Old Man of Storr (Read more…) on the Isle of Skye which has been photographed hundreds and thousands of times from ground level.

During a recent visit to the Isle of Skye, I took the new drone on the hike up to the Storr and both photographed and filmed the landmark from an aerial perspective. Yes, of course people have done this before, but I really like the challenge and having the opportunity to view these amazing sites from up high.


Aerial view of the “Old Man of Storr” on the Isle of Skye.


“Using a drone provides me with the perfect opportunity to get a completely different perspective of the site”.


Naturally, I did take many landscape photos of the Storr during this visit, but having the drone provided me with the opportunity to get a completely different perspective of the site.

As with all drone flights, the safety of humans, animals, property and other aircraft are always my primary factor. To alleviate any risk, I always thoroughly research a number of relevant apps prior to flying. Touch wood, to date I have never had any near misses, although I have found out that Seagulls do not like drones!!

During the same visit to the Isle of Skye, I filmed and photographed a beautiful Scottish Castle – the Eilean Donan Castle (Read more…) near the village of Dornie in the Western highlands of Scotland.

I shot this video at 6:15am, just before sunrise, when nobody was around. The sun was just starting to break through and the hills were still covered in fog. I could see why the Castle has previously been used in films and television productions. It was stunning! Please view the videos on this website – there is a short and extended version of the videos available for viewing.


Aerial image of the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle, Western Highlands of Scotland.


My current ambition is to film and photograph landscapes and seascapes in cold weather climates, particularly icebergs and ice flows in the Arctic and Antarctic. This would be a challenge that I would accept willingly!

Should you be interested in viewing any of my recent projects, please visit my new webpage – Aerial Imagery.


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