My Fourteen Guiding Principles For Better Photography

Updated: 4 Sep 2021

Teaching the “art of photography” has been a great passion of mine for several years. Having led many one-to-one and group photography tours and workshops, I get so much pleasure in seeing students expand their knowledge and skill levels whilst improving their images considerably.



I have fourteen guiding principles when it comes to photography that I try to follow closely:


1. Enjoy your whole photography experience

2. Get to know your camera and equipment

3. Practice, practice and then even more practice

4. Learn tips and techniques from others

5. Always shoot in Camera Raw

6. Use different locations

7. Post your images on social media and seek honest feedback

8. Print off your images

9. Try using different photography techniques

10. Try to use filters, as much as possible

11. Take your images in different formats – landscape, portrait and square modes

12. Take time to view your surroundings – There may be a better view just a few feet away

13. Always view your image back for focusing. You may never visit the location again!

14. Always consider focus or exposure stacking when set up on a tripod.


I drew up this list a few years ago and stuck by these principles as much as possible. It worked for me!

Try drawing up your own list and take it with you on shoots. It does work. You will see an immediate improvement in your image taking as a result.


View further information on my Photography Tuition Page (Read more…)


So, let’s start this journey together and explore the art of photography.


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