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Vestrahorn – Iceland Workshops


Explore and Learn Photography in 2024 & 2025


Join Mark on a series of photography workshops to some amazing destinations in 2024 and beyond.

On occasions throughout the year, Mark offers one-to-one private photography tuition, small group workshops and privately guided trips.


Mark offers the following services during his workshops:-


Personal photo tuition from an award-winning photographer

Experienced photography workshop leader

Opportunity to photograph wildlife in their natural habitat

Small group workshops for more one-to-one tuition

Personalised tuition to address areas for improvement

Teaches post production editing tips and techniques

Guaranteed immediate improvement in all aspects of your photography

Friendly and relaxed learning environment


“Having led many one-to-one and small groups on photography workshops and expeditions over the years, I get considerable pleasure seeing our guest photographers expand their knowledge and skill levels whilst improving their images considerably”.


A hobby that started over twenty-five years ago became a passion. As an avid enthusiast of the great outdoors; photographing the natural world in all its glory,  is his favoured genre.


“Teaching the art of photography has been a passion of mine for several years”.


During his photography workshops, Mark comes into contact with many photo enthusiasts of all differing levels of knowledge and expertise. He always finds the time to address individual requests, whilst covering a range of different photographic subjects.


As such, he is aware of the subjects that most photo enthusiasts want to address during our time together. Some topics relate to photography tuition “in the field” and some to post production “tips and techniques”.


“Six years ago, I decided to start sharing my skills and knowledge in photography with others. So, I researched, organised and started to take like-minded enthusiasts on photography workshops”.


Initially, these were held in beautiful locations solely in the UK. However, due to my love of travelling, I also started to take the workshops to destinations overseas as well.


Beautiful and scenic destinations


Mark’s workshops encompass the natural world as the backdrop. Landscapes and seascapes, wildlife, lakes, woods, glaciers and even the odd volcano are all considered good locations for his workshops.


“Photographing wildlife in their natural habitat is important to me. I am also inspired by remote locations such as coasts, mountains, lakes, forests and even the odd volcano; where untamed land is sculpted by natural elements. In effect, the great outdoors is my office space!”


Mark’s range of workshops have been designed to offer the perfect combination of outstanding wildlife viewing, exceptional photography opportunities and expert tuition.


The spirit of adventure and exploration through a lens


His tutorship specialises in bringing the best advice, tips and techniques for photographing in beautiful and sometimes challenging locations. You will have plenty of opportunity to develop your technical skills through a series of informal workshops “on the ground’.


Wildlife Workshops & Tours


During his workshops, Mark provides Adobe Creative Cloud tuition showing guests the best tips and techniques for editing in post production. These presentations and critiquing guest photos are always very popular and tend to bond the groups as a result.


With years of experience teaching individuals and groups the “art of photography“, Mark applies a patient, friendly and not overly technical approach to his tuition. He is the ideal tutor to help develop you photography.


Mark also enriches his workshop experience through his passionate presentations and informal discussions.


UK and international travel


“All our photography workshops are based centrally within scenic locations. We provide the very best in accommodation, food, travel to locations and of course, high quality photography tuition. In addition, I will provide instruction, tips and techniques in post production to get the most from editing your images”.


Every photography workshop is an adventure in itself and I get to meet and teach some great like-minded enthusiasts along the way


Mark strongly believes there is no greater travel experience than exploring fantastic locations and subjects with a small group of like-minded people.


His photography programs are designed for amateur photographers of all levels; interested in improving their skills whilst exploring memorable and picturesque locations.


Wildlife Workshops in the UK


Since 2018, Mark has successfully led twenty-three photography workshops and expeditions to the following destinations including Iceland, Lofoten Islands, Norway, Svalbard, Faroe Islands, Scotland, Isle of Harris & Lewis, Isle of Skye, Lake District, Snowdonia and other locations in the UK.


Mark also leads small workshops, specifically designed for photographing wildlife in their natural habitats both in the UK and internationally.


These include marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and porpoises.


Other wildlife photography workshops include seals, bears, otters, puffins, birds of prey, penguins, kingfishers and owls … to name a few.


International Workshops and Tours


As a wildlife conservationist, Mark always adheres to the principles of ecotourism where possible on all his workshops.


The workshops are suitable for any level of photographer, but we do recommend a basic kit list. Generally, this means a camera with the ability to work in manual settings, a sturdy tripod, a small set of lenses and a selection of filters.


As a general rule we will normally have between 4-6 photographers on our group workshops. This allows Mark to provide the very best tuition to all photographers, whatever their level of skills and knowledge.


Natural World workshops in stunning locations


I love playing with light and long exposures. Capturing landscapes, seascapes, and photographing beautiful sunrise and sunset colours. For me that is when nature is at its best and it gives me a real BUZZ every time“.


This is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions regarding my workshops – FAQs



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