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As a professional photographer, Mark has produced many hundreds of creative photographic images used for publications and projects such as magazines, social media, charities, marketing and promotion, campaigns, websites, tourism and many other organisations.


Having been a serious photographer for over twenty years, he turned professional in 2013, when he started his own business – Mark Brion Photography.


Mark Brion – Freelance Photographer


He has since gone on to become an award-winning natural world photographer and photography workshop leader.


His initial photography work back in 2013 was as an events, portraiture and real estate photographer. However, later that year he decided to follow his heart and moved into the world as a self-employed professional photographer.


He is equally comfortable working in all photographic genres including portraiture, travel, events and more.


Additionally, Mark is comfortable conducting photoshoots both in an indoor environment such as a studio, as much as an outdoor shoot on the top of a mountain.





Mark prides himself on finding the best possible camera aspects when composing his images. He likes to think “outside the box” and can find that particular creative camera angle that others may not have seen.


His creative knowledge and skills are also noticeable when he finalises an image in post production, Mark will give your image the necessary “pop” to take an image from being good to being excellent.


With over fifteen years experience using Adobe Creative Cloud for his post production editing, he has become very adept at producing the final high-quality creative images required by all clients.


Thorough research and planning 


Over the past ten years, Mark has become very adept at working with organisations to a “photography brief” and also working to “tight schedules” as directed by commercial press and marketing departments.


When offered commercial photography work, Mark always prides himself on very thorough research and planning prior to any photoshoots taking place, thereby leaving nothing to chance. He believes that thorough preparation leads to better photographic final images for the client.



Photography Gear


“My photography equipment is very important to me, as it makes my job so much easier and produces better results”.


Mark has used Nikon camera bodies for the past 20 years, together with Nikon Nikkor lenses. His primary camera is a Nikon D850 which he has owned and used for about five years. The Nikon D500 is his reliable and trusted back-up camera.


Nikon Cameras & Lenses


In addition to my cameras and lenses, the other equipment he uses all the time are his Gitzo tripods and Lowepro backpacks.


As an outdoor photographer, using the right lens filters is very important.


“In addition to my standard Lee Graduated filters and polariser, I also love using my Lee Filters Little stopper (6-stop filter) and Lee Filters Big Stopper (10-stop filter) for long exposure photography. They are great fun and can produce fantastic results”.



Working in the UK or internationally


“I love to travel both in the UK and internationally and experience new destinations and cultures. Of course, I will always have my camera close to hand!”


Travelling the UK and internationally


Mark’s passion and love for photography, the natural world and travelling has seen him explore six continents and over 80 countries.


Through his photography work, Mark partners with these excellent brands:


Gitzo Tripods  |  Lowepro Backpacks  |  Vallerret Photography Gloves (Norway)


Contact Mark for all his photography services via email at





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