Smartphone Photography Tuition – New For 2023

Updated: 6 Apr 2023

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With the increase in popularity of taking images with smartphone cameras, Mark is now offering phone camera workshops on a one-to-one or small group basis, in addition to online videos.


Smartphone camera technology has advanced massively over recent years and the resulting final images can now be produced to a very high level. It is now the camera of choice for many amateur photographers.


The megapixel count of a smartphone gets a lot of attention among smartphone manufacturers. It is one of the most emphasized specs on the labels of smartphone products. You’ll find them in bold prints; sometimes 12MP, maybe 48MP, 50MP or even 200MP.





However, what is letting down smartphone photographers is their knowledge of constructing an image within the phones camera.


Mark will teach the best tips and techniques for improving your photography through your smartphone mobile phone by making full use of the camera settings to produce even better photos.


These workshops will be in addition to his standard DSLR and Mirrorless workshops.


His tuition will cover subjects such as composition, lighting, focusing and so much more. As such, his tuition will be very similar to using a conventional DSLR or mirrorless camera.


From 2018, Mark has been successfully teaching the art of photography to individuals and small-groups alike, with many of his workshops taking place in the UK or internationally.




Should you have any questions, please message me on my contact page.


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