Spring Newsletter

Updated: 4 Apr 2022




Spring Newsletter


Welcome to my latest newsletter,


Firstly, I must apologise to all subscribers for not producing my Newsletter on a more regular basis. This has been the first real opportunity in quite a while for me to sit down, write and then send out this newsletter.


From the start of 2022, I have experienced an extremely busy few months with everything seemingly opening up after all the frustrating lockdowns. The call for photographic services appears to be ever greater and on the rise once again, thankfully.



Photography Tuition


Photography tuition is my primary focus in 2022. I have already started to produce online video tutorials and writing more informative blogs as part of my “Masterclass 2022” series.


The content will highlight certain areas of photography that many enthusiasts struggle with and the video tutorials will address these issues head on. They will be posted onto my website periodically via my YouTube channel over the coming months.


During my little “downtime” over the past few months, I had the opportunity to research new photography trends, brush up on new techniques, research new equipment and refresh my preparation over certain areas of photography tuition.


It is really important for me to keep enthusiasts updated with all interesting and relevant information.


I am really looking forward to getting back in touch with this side of my photography and teaching the “art of photography” to the many like-minded photographers eager to learn.



Masterclass Series 2022



Photography Workshops


Currently being arranged are a number of photography workshops set both in the UK and overseas. There are three main locations being arranged for 2022 and 2023.


The Lake District is my go to location for workshops within the UK for 2022. It is an area I know very well having photographed there over many years.


Iceland is the main focus for later in 2022. Workshops will be held at several inspirational locations around this stunning island. Landscape and seascape photography will be top of the agenda in this photographers paradise!


Galapagos Islands. In 2023, I am arranging an expedition to these amazing islands for the perfect wildlife and nature photography. Made famous by Darwin’s “theory of evolution”, this will be a unique opportunity to photograph species of wildlife found nowhere else on the planet.



Field Testing & Equipment Reviews


From the start of 2022, I have been field testing and reviewing some photographic equipment on behalf of Vitec Imaging Solutions, an upwardly mobile Italian photography company.


The equipment included the amazing Gitzo Systematic Series 3 tripod and the Lowepro 400 Flipside backpack. Both are excellent products and I had so much fun producing marketing videos on behalf of the company.



Field testing the fantastic Gitzo Systematic tripod



With a great passion for all things photography, I really enjoy conducting these types of field tests and reviews of new photographic equipment. I certainly hope to complete several more over the course of this year.





Spring is slowly arriving and I love it! This is definitely my favourite time of the year, with new life developing in wildlife and the whole of nature starting to bloom. And of course the longer days help as well.


After the winter months, it is great to be able to pick up the camera and photograph nature in all it’s magnificence and at a slower pace.


We all seem to have a brighter outlook once spring has sprung into action.


That brings a close to this Newsletter. If you have any questions regarding the content, please contact me through my website content page or via email at photography@markbrion.com.


And also, a very big thank you to those who have subscribed to my Newsletter recently. Your support is always very much appreciated.



As always, many thanks for your time.




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