Ten Composition Tips for getting better images

  1. – Horizontal Horizons
  2. – Rule Of Thirds
  3. – Framing your image
  4.  – Check your backgrounds
  5.  – Fill the Frame
  6. – Use Leading Lines if possible
  7. – Anything but eye-level
  8. – Look for details (inside and outside the viewfinder)
  9. – Consider vertical shots as well as horizontal
  10.  – Break the rules if necessary!!

New- Photographic Workshops coming soon

Over the coming months, I will be producing several photographic workshop videos. These videos will be featured on this website. It is planned that some workshops will even be transmitted “live” through various social media sites including my Youtube channel.

Subject matter will vary but will include practical workshops that will include lighting, composition, filters, photographic gear and more!!.

Keep viewing this website for further updates.