“What Our Photographers Say”


Here are a selection of testimonials kindly provided by photography enthusiasts who have attended my workshops.



“The best photo tour I’ve ever been on and I’ve been on a few!”

Hannah R, Faroe Islands

“As well as taking some stunning landscape and ocean photos including the fantastic northern lights, I also improved my wildlife photos following Mark’s advice. Got some amazing photos of sea eagles, puffins, otters and even a snowy owl! Wonderful time had by all”

Erica G, Lofoten Islands

“What fantastic days we had!. Learnt so much from you, both in the field and during your post production presentations. Thank you, Mark”

Anna W, Norway

“Fantastic photo tour, just fantastic. No other words needed, except thank you”

Miriam “Mia” L (Germany), Iceland

“Before this workshop, I was hoping that we would cover composition and long exposure. We did both and a whole lot more”

Robert E, Scotland

“Hi Mark, Just one criticism of your workshop. It wasn’t long enough. Being a novice, for those 3 days I became a sponge soaking up everything you taught us. Could quite easily have spent a week here. … Loved it. Thanks”.

Kitty N, Scotland

“Mark spent hours teaching us to shoot from different perspectives. Eventually it clicked with me and I got some beautiful images I had never considered before. It has changed my photography for ever”.

Sarah D, Scotland

“I thoroughly enjoyed last week and picked up some most useful information. I very much appreciate the time and effort you went to, to look after and give guidance to our group – it all went rather well I thought – many thanks.”

John P, Lofoten Islands, Norway

“Will be booking again next year. Great tutor, great locations, fantastic group. Got my photography mojo back”

Emile G, Iceland

“Even in a group of six, Mark always found the time for plenty of one on one tuition. I am so pleased as I previously had a problem with composition. That’s sorted out now”.

Jess A, Faroe Islands

“After a great day in the field and back at the hotel, Mark critiqued our photos taken that day, both individually and as a group. I learnt so much just talking through our images. It has made me a far better photographer”.

Kate M, Isle of Skye

“What Mark taught us was to spend time and get the feel for our surroundings before picking up the camera. He wanted more than just “picture postcard” images (Mark’s favourite saying!!) Two or three quality images are superior to twenty bang average photos. And it works, ….. fab!”

Anthony S, Scotland

“Mark’s love of photography and nature is tangible. He has inspired me to follow a new path with my own photography. Will highly recommend his tours “

Julia C, Isle of Skye

“All of your tips and techniques for better photography worked, Mark. The whole four days was an immense learning curve which I know the whole group appreciated. Hats off to you, Sir!”

Marco T (Netherlands), Faroe Islands


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