Trophy Hunting – BAN IT NOW

Updated: 16 Mar 2023


Most of us will have seen the photographs showing a proud individual clad in khaki posing with a rifle whilst stood over a dead animal. Normally, this individual will have a leg raised on the animals body showing the “hunters” power and prowess at killing this beautiful wild animal.


These types of photos absolutely sickening me to the core. As if there wasn’t enough problems with illegal poachers killing and maiming beautiful animals for money.


… then we have these trophy hunters



Many of these vile individuals come from a wealthy background and are able to easily to afford a hunting adventure in the wilds of Africa. There are even companies in place arranging such lucrative hunting adventures for these types of people.


Picking up a rifle, the hunter is taken into the wilds by a guide in an effort to find the wild beast of choice. Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, we have all seen the disgusting trophy photos.


Once found the “hunter” takes aim and bang the defenceless wild animal has ceased living. No doubt our “hunter” will be very pleased taking his or her trophy. I would guess that on almost all occasions, the head of the dead animal will end up on one of “hunters” living or games room walls and will become an interesting talking point to anybody visiting the residence.


What makes a human being want to take the life of a beautiful wild animal? One word – Power.


Normally wealthy individuals, the trophy hunter looks for any form of entertainment not readily available on their own doorstep. They have the money, so why not travel to Africa of any other continent and look to assert their power as a human being over an animal. Lets bag a large, dangerous animal.


The fiercer the wild animal target, the bigger the ego trip for our hunter. I would assume for this reason that Lions or Tigers would be top of their lists. What a bragging right for our vile hunter. I shot a Lion from 50 yards and look that is the result, whilst pointing to the trophy adorned on their living room wall.


What this person does not understand, is that the wild animal is defenceless. They cannot defend themselves against a bullet or two. So why is our trophy hunter so proud of their achievement – Power, that is all. They assassinated a wild animal because they can and they did.


Who remembers the tragic story of Cecil the Lion?


On July 1, 2015, an American dentist paid US$50,000 to kill Cecil the lion.


Tragic – Cecil The Lion


Shot with a crossbow, 13-year-old Cecil was left wounded and in pain, before finally being killed many hours later. The world understandably reacted with outrage, with global news coverage and a social media storm showing just how strongly people felt about his death.


Cecil brought many tourists to Zimbabwe’s famous Hwange National Park and was being studied by researchers at Oxford University at the time of his shooting. But trophy hunting has an impact that reaches far beyond the individual animal that is killed. Cecil jointly led two prides containing numerous lionesses and cubs, all of whom would have been affected by his death.


Trophy hunting – I hate it. It makes me so angry. Accepted in past decades, it is now pointless, barbaric, outdated and has no place in this world in this day and age. All Trophy Hunters need to be named, shamed and imprisoned with lengthy sentences for these vile crimes against wildlife.




For further information about banning Trophy Hunting visit the Born Free Foundation link here


The only shooting of beautiful wild animals should be through the lens of a camera.





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