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Updated: 22 Mar 2023




Mark Brion Photography is very pleased to be in partnership with Vallerret Photography Gloves


The Hatchet Photography Gloves from Vallerret


As a natural world photographer, I have led a large number of photography tours and workshops to many cold climate locations around the globe since 2018.


To get the best possible photographic images, the use of all my photographic equipment and accessories is very important to me. I like to feel warm and comfortable even in the most hostile and challenging locations, enabling me to focus on my photography rather than worrying about the cold weather conditions.


As a result, the Hatchet Photography glove from Vallerret are perfect for all my requirements. Made from full leather, I find these photography gloves really keep my hands warm and are very practical when taking images in low temperatures below zero.



Vallerret state that the Hatchet gloves are warm, tough and robust. I certainly found this to be the case. With overlapping flip-tech finger caps (with magnets) I was able to to set up and use my camera and other accessories with ease whilst maintaining warm hands as a result. These gloves are extremely well designed, easy to open and close the flip capsheld and practicable for all my needs as a photographer whilst working in the “field”.


The Hatchet has a great natural fit and allows you to comfortably wrap your fingers around the camera body whilst also using the function buttons. The jersey cuff also allows the user to slip the gloves on and off with ease and provides additional protection against the cold.


Without getting too technical, the Hatchet gloves are made with high performance materials including a 100% Merino Wool Liner, thick insulation and genuine goat leather adding to the comfort and warmth of the gloves.



In addition to my “ground” photography, I also enjoy flying my Drone in cold weather conditions. These gloves are perfectly designed to work with the Drone Controller and to maintain flying whilst protecting your hands from the cold.


In my opinion, the Hatchets are without doubt the best shooting gloves for cold weather that I’ve ever owned.


I can fully endorse and highly recommend adding the Hatchet Gloves to your list of photography accessories.



Also, what fantastic service I received from the team at Vallerret Photography Gloves – I cannot praise them enough. The whole process from start to finish receives a big five stars from me!


In addition to their fantastic products, as a wildlife conservationist, I have the upmost respect to know that Vallerret donates 1% of all global sales to support environmental non-profit organisations who work hard to create a healthy and vibrant future for our planet.


I find this very commendable and I would like to pass on my thanks to the company for taking this particular stance.


Visit the Vallerret website and take time to view all their fabulous products at:-



Stash Beanie Hat from Vallerret


Working in cold weather climates as a photography tour and workshop leader, I want to be able to use the best available products to keep the extremities of my head, hands and feet warm.


For keeping my head warm, I use a Stash Beanie from Vallerret.



I chose a Black Beanie, but they also come in a caramel colour.


Designed for all winter conditions, this one-size fits all Beanie is practical, stylish and has a secured wide fold, providing your ears with added double protection against the harshest of weather conditions.


I found this double layered, 100% acrylic made Beanie was extremely comfortable throughout the duration of my photo shoots, unlike some harsh and more course beanies I have worn previously.


Attached to the Stash Beanie is a Brown leather engraved Vallerret patch which provides a very stylish look to the headwear.



Would I recommend a Stash Beanie from Vallerret?


I can say with confidence that my Stash Beanie (and Hatchet Photography Gloves also from Vallerret) keep me warm and importantly functional to conduct my photography work in the most extreme cold weather conditions.


Yes, I would recommend these products to photographers visiting locations in cold weather climates. A big thumbs up from me!


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