Wildlife Conservation

Endangered – The beautiful Snow Leopard


“I have always held a very strong affinity with wildlife conservation issues and great affection for all of nature’s living creatures”.


“As such, I am determined to promote and raise awareness of issues that threaten our wildlife and the planet, through my photography, videography and visual storytelling” – says Mark


As a photographer, my work often takes me to some beautiful and often isolated locations both in the UK and internationally. As such, I have always felt an extraordinary affinity with global wildlife conservation and environmental issues.


“Whilst working “in the field“, I feel an emotional bond with my surroundings and the wonderment of nature itself. Wildlife, oceans, landscapes, plants, forests – the natural world is glorious in all its forms”.


Much of our natural world is under threat … actually considerable threat


There needs to be protection of the natural world for humanity’s sake and not just for our generation, but also for generations to come.


Many of the world’s biggest challenges, from poverty to wildlife extinction, are either driven by or exacerbated by climate change. We are already seeing increases in the severity and frequency of extreme weather events, changes in vital ecosystems, rising sea levels, melting ice caps and ocean acidification resulting in major climate migrations and destabilisation.


These events threaten to erode the very foundations of our economies, livelihoods, food security, health, and quality of life worldwide. However, it’s not too late to make a difference and I am committed to mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change in our mission to protect wildlife and their habitats.


Biodiversity, climate change, illegal wildlife trade, landscapes and habitats, pollution, species on the brink of extinction, people and the environment. These are just a cross section of challenges that endangers our natural world.


In a visually-based society, conservation photography and filmmaking harnesses the power of storytelling to further conservation goals. These stories shed light on environmental and cultural issues, solutions, and efforts; with the goal of making a positive change.


Once gone, we may never get them back


What would this world be without Elephants, Pangolins, Rhinos, Gorillas, Snow Leopards and many more wildlife species that are under threat and may become extinct over the next few years. It does not bear thinking about.


My personal goal is to help change the way the world works and end animal cruelty and suffering, that puts animals first.


Every minute of every day millions of animals are suffering around the world and are forced into the multi-billion pound global trade in wildlife – killed for food, harvested for traditional medicine, traded as ‘exotic’ pets or forced into a life of suffering in entertainment.


I am determined to help end animal cruelty and suffering.


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