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Updated: 20 Feb 2021



Video Tutorials – I have recently started a new project “Mastering Your Photography”. This features producing and publishing Online Video Tutorials. These videos are released on a weekly basis from my YouTube Channel and can be viewed on the link below:-



During my work as a Photography Tour and Workshop leader, I come into contact with many photo enthusiasts of all differing levels of knowledge and expertise.

I am aware of the subjects that most students want to address during our time together. Some topics relate to photography tuition “in the field” and some to post production tips and techniques.


“Mastering Your Photography” aims to direct my video tuition towards these issues, in a simplified way.


Composition, bracketing images, long Exposure, using filters, using different lenses; the list is endless.

It is my intention to address many of these areas of photography over the coming weeks, months and years.

If you enjoy the tutorials; please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for all updates.


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